A non-profit platform empowering ordinary and extraordinary citizens in isolation to come forward with thoughts, ideas and solutions to the challenges facing our world today

A Big Idea

Our Economies & Healthcare Systems may be struggling,

but the collective intellectual capacity of the world remains rich.

This is a curated virtual space where people all over the world can share individual, community & larger-scale issues, as well as exchange ideas, solutions and resources from their homes.





Can you repurpose some of your time inside

to think about the challengesoutside?


A non-profit platform empowering ordinary and extraordinary citizens in isolation to come forward with thoughts, ideas and solutions to the challenges facing our world today

What can YOU do right now?


A virtual Call to Action

Inspiring Connectivity & Idea Execution

The COVID-19 THINK TANK is a virtual call to action,

a community project established to create a platform to confront and help solve some of the challenges emerging worldwide during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Individuals do not have to feel powerless during a powerful crisis.


By sharing positive initiatives and resources from different locations at differing stages of the pandemic, and encouraging collective problem-solving, we can help each other to deal with emergent challenges at micro and even macro levels.

Can you help to have a positive impact by

sharing useful resources or a solution?​ 


How Does this platform work?

Help Others from your Home via a virtual Thought Space

 The coronavirus pandemic is a public health crisis without precedent, causing large-scale loss of life across the globe and initiating a change in how we live our lives with

enormous economic and social effects.

The immediate priorities for everyone centre around health - to control and contain the virus, get personal protective equipment (PPE stocks) to those working within frontline medical services, develop, manufacture and deliver vaccines/treatments and diagnostic tools to help save lives.

But the pandemic tests our collective capacity as a society to adapt and respond in many other ways and there are still lots of issues facing us at community, national and international levels.


So many great ideas have emerged across the globe already... supporting those in self-isolation with government-level and community initiatives to deliver food and medicines, medical hack-a-thons to see how quickly open-source ventilators can be designed and deployed, repurposing retail factories to create face-masks and sanitizer, public campaigns to thank key workers, children giving musical concerts in their gardens for elderly neighbours...

Can you be part of the next great idea?

If you want to share a problem (big or small, individual or societal), share an issue for the Problems Page

If you can offer a solution to an issue, or help share a way of addressing a problem

If you want to contribute a resource that can help with a specific problem, (e.g. an article, a link to a website, organisation or charity) - click below. Links will be collated on the Resources page

Some of the issues submitted so far...

“How can we work together to combat loneliness for elderly and vulnerable people in isolation?’’

"How can we make more ventilators available so that critically ill patients receive the care they need?"

"How can we help create mental health support for healthcare workers & others working on the frontline?"

"How can we help support homeless people who can't self-isolate and may not have access to food when everyone is at home?"

"How can I engage my autistic son who is really struggling with home schooling?"

"How can we help make sure that refugees and migrants can access health care services and information?"

'How do we keep some comic relief circulating and get comedians back on the air?'

"How can I make sure my kids stay 'active' when they are stuck inside the house?"